SIGA was established in 1995. The facilities housing SIGA’s development activities are located in Corvallis, Oregon.  This includes fully equipped office space for our regulatory affairs, clinical, quality assurance and development and manufacturing oversight employees. The natural beauty of the area and its proximity to Oregon State University make Corvallis a highly desirable working and living environment for SIGA’s professional staff.

SIGA’s corporate headquarters are based in New York, New York, facilitating easy access to East Coast investors and relevant Government agencies.

In addition to the work occurring at its Corvallis facility, SIGA has close working relationships with many partners across the U.S. We collaborate to manufacture TPOXX® as well as to conduct animal and human trials.

SIGA contract partners include

  • INC Research, Inc.
  • Ricerca Biosciences, LLC
  • Albemarle Corporation
  • Powdersize, Inc.
  • Catalent Pharma Solutions, Inc.
  • Southern Research Institute
  • Covance
  • DaVita Healthcare Partners
  • PharmaLex US
  • Intertek Health Sciences, Inc.
  • Whitsell Innovations, Inc.